The Influence of Auto-Search

Question: Does auto-search on search engines (when you type in a search phrase and it populates with the most relevant search queries) have the ability to create stereotypes or encourage pre-existing stereotypes?

"In an age where a large segment of the population shapes their perception of the world through information found online, one begs to question whether search results reflect stereotypes and discriminatory views already found in society or if they create them.

Search algorithms are designed to provide users with the most relevant information for a particular search term. Usually, numerous inbound links to a page can dramatically affect its search positioning. From this perspective, one could surmise that the information included in a well-performing page has been deemed relevant and informative by the collective web community. This would also imply that stereotypical and/or discriminatory information for group searches are also widely accepted or popular."

-Sandra Ordonez from Mashable

Great read on Mashable "Search Stereotypes: What Web Content Reveals About Cultural Biases"