Microsoft Outlook Masthead Usability

While browsing the Microsoft Outlook site, I noticed they have an area carved out for a mastead with a large image of the platform on a Mac. This masthead was different though than most I have browsed across - it wasn't rotating. homepage





When a user selects the "+", a lightbox of screenshots open






Users can rotate through a series of screenshots. To exit, users select the black








By hiding the screenshots, a much cleaner UI and site navigation is presented. Microsoft has decided to go with a very simplistic, condensed site where all the product features are presented upfront.

The issue with hiding those screenshots in a lightbox is if a user has javascript disabled, they won't be able to see these images. It's also not entirely clear if the "+" is clickable. I had to scroll over the area to see if that was just another icon on their page.

Overall, I really like this page because of its simplicity. It has just enough information for visitors to learn about the product, but also could function as a landing page for them to drive traffic to.