London Calling 2011

I went to London for the first time since the early 2000's to visit a friend studying at LSE. The flight there wasn't as bad as I thought (9.5 hours) on the day after Christmas (Boxing Day) but there happened to be a tube strike. The bus ride ended up taking 2.5 hours! London_2011-3.jpg

This is one of the first photos I took in W2 on my way to shopping on Oxford Street. The round-a-bout is right around the corner of where I was staying. This entire neighborhood in West London has this style of building. The off-white buildings with black trim reminds me of walking by Newbury Street in Boston (where I dreamed to live).

Looking at this photo reminds me of the cold, brisk air whenever I stepped outside and my initiation into European lifestyle: Walking everywhere and beautiful plain (in a good way) architecture.

Song of the moment: Help Yourself - Amy Winehouse