No One Man Should Have All That Power

I read an article on ThoughtCatalog called "5 rididculous rappers who are here to stay". It made me want to put together my list of  rappers who I must have on your itunes that give you the feeling of invincibility:

1) Rick Ross - Now Ross the Boss isnt terrible, but when there are times you need just power music ("when you are feelin you are the ish")... Ross definitely supplies enough maybachs and references to Basquiat to keep you satisfied.

2)DJ Khaled - Khaled has the most high pitched voice of any one in the game (and yet he isnt even in the game... just a knack to bring popular rapper together). When I want to feel like I'm on top of the mountain, you cannot hear enough "DJ KHALEDS WE THE BEST"

3) DMX - raspy, dog voice. Enough said (ruff)

4) Lil Wayne - Weezy has enough songs to fill a couple of days of feeling gully (if you do not know what this means, go urbandictionary it). From his early teenage days to his rock/rap inspired hits, he has the hits that will keep you runnin on the treadmill.

5) Jay-Z - Hands down. The man. Listening to his music makes me feel like I was there in bedstuy with him. He speaks the truth, no ridiculousness... period.

Digital Distraction

$10,375 per employee is wasted each year on digital distractions such as switching tabs, looking at IM chats, and looking at different social networks. Crazy statistic... also "In the end, almost half of the employees in this study said they worked just 15 minutes or less without getting interrupted or distracted. More than half said they wasted at least one hour every day day due to distraction." via Mashable


K-italian Stallion

The Koreans and the Italians have joined forces to create the Hyundai Genesis with Prada. This is a very impressive looking vehicle. Hyundai is now on my radar. If I didnt know what this was, I definitely would have thought it was German-engineered. Now that Prada has joined with Hyundai, its time for Louis Vuitton to partner with a japanese manufacturer (fingers-crossed for Acura)

This engine looks like its supposed to transform out of this car!

Via The Freshness